Alice Wilson

Content Writer, Ebook Writer, Designer
Strong research and analytical skills
Content and Ebook writing
Proficiency in graphic design software


  • Proficient in content and ebook writing, with expertise in strong research and analytical capabilities.
  • Holds an MA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Arizona and carries certifications in Journalism, Creative Writing, and Business Writing.
  • Adept in graphic design software, underpinned by a foundational understanding of social media marketing.


Alice Wilson excels in the domain of content and ebook writing. Leveraging her academic background and industry-relevant certifications, Alice crafts content tailored for those seeking insights into work-from-home opportunities, online money-making, side hustles, parenting, and relationships. Each piece she writes is a perfect blend of her formal training and real-life experiences. When not crafting compelling content or designing ebooks, Alice finds solace in yoga and loses herself in the world of books.


Alice earned her Master of Arts (MA) in Broadcast Journalism from the prestigious University of Arizona. To further hone her skills, she pursued and successfully acquired Journalism, Creative Writing, and Business Writing certifications. This rigorous academic journey has equipped her with the skills to dissect, analyze, and present information in an engaging manner for her readers.

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