Can You Get Cash Back with Walmart Pay?( A Comprehensive Guide)

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Are you using Walmart Pay? Can you get cash back with Walmart Pay? If you are a new customer of Walmart and are interested in using Walmart Pay then you might have the above question in mind. This guide will explain how to get cash back with Walmart Pay. 

Walmart Pay is a digital App used as a wallet. It was first launched in 2015. Let’s take a look at how to get cash back with Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay: A Complete Guide

Walmart Pay is a digital payment App. Let’s discuss its features, compatibility, and how to get registered with this App. 

What is Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay is a digital App launched by Walmart in order to facilitate their customers while making their products purchasing inside their brick-and-mortar Walmart stores. 

You can use Walmart Pay App only at Walmart Stores.  In addition, you also can not use Walmart Pay at gas stations and Walmart’s Sam Club. Walmart Pay is an easy and secure way of payment. 

Does Walmart Pay Weekly?

Walmart pays salaries to their employees bi-weekly. There is a fixed payday for payments which is Thursday. All employees from entry-level to C-suite executives get paid bi-weekly i.e., paid salaries every first of the month and then two weeks later.

How to Register to Use Walmart Pay?

Do you want to register with Walmart Pay? Let’s discuss how to register with Walmart Pay. There are three easy steps to get registered with Walmart Pay. 

              Walmart’s Registration Process (Image Source: Walmart)

Let’s see the three easy registration steps for the Walmart Pay App.

  1. Download the App on your mobile and open it
  2. Go to services, tap, and select “Walmart Pay.”
  3. Follow the instructions to get started

Now you might have a question about the compatibility of Walmart Pay with other devices. Let me tell you about this. Walmart Pay is compatible with any iOS and Android device. Moreover, you can use any checkout lane or with credit, debit, or prepaid cards.

Walmart Linking Payment Methods

This part of the article will discuss how Walmart Pay can link with other payment cards. You can link any debit or credit card with Walmart Pay. 

Here is the process of linking payment cards with Walmart Pay. 

  1. Open your Walmart Pay App
  2. Press edit on the review order screen
  3. Open the payment method screen
  4. Select debit or credit payment method
  5. Enter your payment card details
  6. Save the information

This is how you can link your payment cards with Walmart Pay Ap

Cashback limits and restrictions

Walmart allows you cash-back transactions. There is no fee applied to these transactions. This provides a great opportunity for customers to get cash from ATMs or banks. 

Here are the Walmart cash back limitations. 

  • Personal check $20
  • Discover card $120
  • Debit card $100

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Purchases with Walmart Pay

Walmart made purchasing easy with Walmart Pay. You just have Walmart Pay App on your mobile and the link to debit card, credit card, or bank account with the Walmart App. You are ready to make purchases.

Here are the easy steps you follow to make purchases with Walmart Pay.

  1. After finishing shopping, go to check out the lane
  2. Scan your purchased items
  3. Scan your phone on the QR code 
  4. Select payment method
  5. Have you done your purchasing?

The benefits of cash-back offers are prominent. You get cash back while spending your money, irrespective of your payment method. Some cash-back programs offer discounts, with the products having cash-back rewards.

Earning Cash Back Rewards with Walmart Pay 

Walmart Cash Back offers (Image Source: Walmart

To get cash back rewards with Walmart Pay, you must have a “Walmart Rewards” Card called “Capital One.” 

But what cash-back rewards can you get with Walmart Pay?

You can see this in the above picture. You can earn 5% cash back rewards for the first 12 months by using  Capital One. You can register with Capital One with a $0 annual fee.

Cash Back Rewards Card “Capital One” (Image Source: Capital One)

You can earn more money with cash back by following ways. 

  1. Mobile apps
  2. Websites
  3. Credit cards
  4. Special promotions

Tips and Tricks for Maximising Cash Back with Walmart Pay

There are some strategies to maximize cash back with Walmart Pay. If you do shopping at Walmart, then these strategies are going to be very useful for you. Every customer wants to save money or like discounts/offers on products.

Let’s discuss what strategies we have to maximize cash back.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that allows you to get cash back from your favorite retail stores. By using Ibotta, you can use the options below to maximize your cash back.

  • Earn-in store
  • Loyalty account
  • Shop online

You earn 5% cash back in some categories, like fashion jewelry, health and beauty, sporting goods, and auto. Likewise, 1% cash back on living items, tires, personal care, and household. 

2. Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

The second strategy to increase maximum cashback is “Capital One Walmart Rewards Card.” You can earn more rewards and 5% cash back in-store shopping.

How to Fix: Walmart Pay not Working

Walmart Pay is the most popular app in the retail store industry. There are some reasons if Walmart Pay app is not working. 

Let’s discuss what reasons may occur to stop working at Walmart Pay. 

  • Walmart Pay App is outdated
  • Week internet connection
  • Wrong login credentials
  • Servers down

You can fix all the above issues manually. You can update your app if it is outdated. Improve your internet connection if you get a week to make you connect to Walmart Pay. If you lost credentials, then you can update your credentials. 

Security and Privacy Considerations 

Walmart always focuses on securing its customer’s credentials secure. All the digital apps offered by Walmart are fully secure. Some are password protected, while others are secure by 2-steps authentication. 

A four-digit code secures Walmart Pay. If you lost your mobile phone, you can use the Touch ID to get signed in again. Moreover, Walmart makes your bank details, debit cards, and credit card information. 


Can I get cashback using Google Pay?

Walmart Pay can only login into Walmart retail stores. It can not work with Google Pay. So, you can not get cashback using Google Pay. 

Can you buy gift cards with Walmart Pay? 

Yes, you can buy gift cards with Walmart Pay. 

How many times can you get cash back at Walmart?

You can get cash back at Walmart three times a day. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we can say that Walmart is providing different cash-back incentives. It rewards 5%, 2%, and  1% cashback. Walmart offers cash-back rewards on different product categories. Walmart’s cash-back rewards system is authenticated and easy to use.


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