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Ever heard of the Fidelity referral bonus? Or are you interested to learn more about Fidelity Investments and what you can do with them? Many people say that it’s a great way to earn an extra buck, but what’s the truth behind it?

Unfortunately, Fidelity Investments’ referral bonus won’t give you or the other party any type of reward. With Fidelity Payment Services’ referral bonus, however, will grant $100 when your referral activates a merchant account.

Don’t ever get confused between Fidelity Investments and Fidelity Payment Services because they are two different services!

What is Fidelity Investments?

In the simplest definition possible, Fidelity Investments is a provider of different kinds of financial services. They provide a library of investing opportunities to people who are eligible and interested. This includes:

  • Bonds
  • Equities
  • Mutual funds
  • Retirement accounts
  • And many more

Fidelity also provides online trading platforms and tools for people who are interested to invest.

The business has this long and rich history in the financial niche and is renowned for its excellence in the realm of client service.

In general, Fidelity Investments assists clients with financial planning and investment management.

What is Fidelity Payment Services?

On the other hand, Fidelity Payment Services is this cutting-edge, high-tech, payment platform that offers payment solutions to merchants and business owners. In a nutshell, they provide a variety of services to its constituents. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Electronic payments
  • Credit card processes
  • Point-of-sale systems (POS)
  • Mobile and digital payment options
  • And many more

Fidelity Payment wants to provide assistance to businesses in streamlining how they offer and receive payment in a safe and secure fashion.

What is the Fidelity Friend Referral Bonus?

There’s really “no bonus” involved in the company’s referral program. There really hasn’t been any!

This Fidelity referral program is Fidelity Investments’ way of allowing investors to refer friends and family members to invest, too.

The bonus you might be looking for could be with Fidelity Payment Services where you get $100 when your referral activates a merchant account from your referral. Take note, it’s with the Fidelity Payment Services company, not Fidelity Investments, so, take note.

How Does the Fidelity Referral Bonus Work?

According to Fidelity Payment Services’ referral program, a member will receive $100 when their referral activates a merchant account. To help you understand it further, here’s the step-by-step process of how this program works:

  1. Fill out Fidelity Payment’s referral form.
  2. Then, enter our referral’s personal and contact information, and your contact information, too.
  3. From there, you just have to wait! Fidelity Payments will be the one to contact your referral and they’ll also be the ones to activate their merchant account.

There are a few eligibility requirements for this, though. These are:

  • The referrer shouldn’t have interest in the referred account
  • It’ll only be available after activation
  • You must not be an employee of the company, including subsidiaries, parents, or affiliates
  • Lastly, you can only refer individuals who you have a personal or business relationship with and who you believe would benefit from Fidelity Payment Services’ services

For the Fidelity Investment referral program, it’s simple. Go to their referral page and click refer your friends and family. From there, you’ll need to log into your account and enter your referral’s name/s and/or email address/es!

Then, Fidelity Investments will do the rest! A broker will be emailing a special invitation for them to join Fidelity, and that’s it!

Do I Get Perks or Benefits When I Refer a Friend?

Unfortunately, no, they won’t. However, based on FidelityTaylor, a representative on Reddit, the company holds too few Special Offers every now and then to their members. It’s just that, there’s no referral program or any perk in referring someone yet.

If you’re interested, you can check out Fidelity Investments’ special offers here! It updates every once in a while, depending on the promotions available, so, be sure to check it out often.

For the Payment Services, you get $100 – and that’s it!

What is the Fidelity Referral $100 Program?

It is Fidelity Payment’s referral program that when your referral creates and finishes a merchant account, you’ll get $100. You, the referrer, will be sent a $100 reward check via the mail on the address you’ll submit.

NOTE: The timeline of the check will be around four to six weeks after the 30-day service period is completed.  

Do You Get a Bonus For the Fidelity Youth Account?

As of the moment, yes, you will get a reward for the Fidelity Youth account. This reward, though, will be a bonus for them, not for you. Yes! You read that right, they’ll get a $50 reward or bonus when you sign them up for a Fidelity Youth Account!

You can check out the entire Fidelity Youth Account deal via their official site!

Fidelity Referral Bonus Program Alternatives

If this is already underwhelming, don’t worry, there are other good deals you can try out for yourself! Don’t take our word for it, though – as our data was a product of our extensive research through different businesses and companies.

This was from CreditDonkey, and here’s what they say are good alternatives to Fidelity’s referral bonus program:

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is this American Financial services company that offers investment options to its members. They give promotional credit to people or aspiring members, and the amount depends on the value of your deposit.

Here’s a table of how much you can get as promotional credit:

Deposit AmountPromotional Credit
$10K to $29.99K$75
$30K to $49.99K$150
$50K to $99K$250

Pls add the reference and isnert the links

This deal expires on the 31st of December, 2023, so be sure to take advantage of it!

iTrust Capital

Another option would be iTrust Capital. Opening a Crypto IRA will get you a Bitcoin reward amounting to $100. It is what it is, and you will really be able to get it!


There could still be a few questions left unanswered. So, we bring you the most frequently asked questions about Fidelity’s referral bonus!

How Much is the Fidelity Referral Bonus? 

The Fidelity referral bonus, which is the Fidelity Payment Services, is amounting to $100. But you don’t get it just for your referral signing up – you’ll get it when your referral activates a merchant account, along with other eligibility requirements, too.

What is the Fidelity Starter Pack? 

The Fidelity Starter Pack, which is a bundle offered by Fidelity Investments (not Fidelity Payment Services), is a selection of the accounts you can get from Fidelity Investments. These include:

  • Fidelity Standard Account
  • Fidelity Cash Management Account
  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional IRA
  • Fidelity Go
  • And Others

Does Fidelity Have a Refer a Friend Program?

Yes, both Fidelity Investments and Fidelity Payment Services have their respective refer-a-friend programs. However, the former won’t give any type of benefit to both the referrer and referral. The Payment Services, however, will grant $100 to the referrer if the referral activates a merchant account.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, the Fidelity referral bonus you could be eyeing on isn’t with the investment company, but with the payment platform. It’s always good to have whatever source of information possible for you to get accurate and precise information on what you’re working on. 

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