How Much Can You Make on Feetfinder Platform?

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If you’ve been thinking about selling feet pics online or had any prior experience, you might come across Feetfinder platform. You may be wondering, “How much can you make on Feetfinder?”

This platform offers an intriguing opportunity to monetize your foot-related content.  But just how lucrative this platform is? 

This article is a deep dive into the Feetfinder, including your earning potential. It also highlights important tips to ease you in a super profitable foot model venture.

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How Much Earning Potential Does Feetfinder Offer?

Feetfinder is a secure platform where people can buy and sell foot-related media. Individuals interested in foot content can explore and engage with this fetish market. 

Content creators can upload their feet-centric content by creating a profile on Feetfinder. Feet enthusiasts can browse and purchase offerings that align with their desires. It is a subscription-based business that is free for buyers but sellers have to pay a certain subscription fee. 

So how much can you make on Feetfinder? An average monthly income ranges from $700 to $1000 per month. That said, it depends on the quality of your content, the preferences of buyers, and market demand.

Content creators can earn anywhere between $5 to $100 per picture.  If you are a beginner, start with a mix of cheap and expensive photos.This allows buyers to discover options that align with their budget preferences.

Top Feet Sellers and How Much Money Do They Make?

The majority of sellers use this platform as a side hustle. However, some people have excelled in this marketplace and are earning a large sum.  Cody Premer, a foot seller has earned a whopping $40 thousand on this platform, according to NBC News. 

Source: Feetfinder

Some foot sellers on Feetfinder earn big money just by selling foot content. If you follow the best practices mentioned later in this article, you can alsoearn more than your expectations.

Here are some top sellers on Feetfinder. You can check their profile to understand what you should do to boost your earning on this platform.

Rosa_lawyer: With over 200 followers, a 5-star rating, and US shoe size 7 feet, she offers a monthly subscription priced at $5.75.

SorrayaSole: This Hispanic female has US 8 feet size, 5-star rating, and more than 140 followers. She charges a subscription fee of $11.1 to access her content.

petiteflirtyfeet: This content creator sells her tiny feet content at $5.75 monthly. She has 112 followers and a 5-star rating. This girl is often lauded by buyers for her creativity and dedication to providing high-quality pics.

How Much is FeetFinder Minimum Payout?

Users in the United States can receive payments from FeetFinder via Segapay, while users outside the country need a Paxum account. The minimum withdrawal amount on the platform is $30. This means if you are selling your feet pics at $5 each, you have to sell a minimum of 6 pictures to enable the transaction.

How Does FeetFinder Pay Sellers?

The process is straightforward. Feetfinder will receive payment from your buyers who are interested in your content. Feetfinder will then pay a direct deposit after taking a 20 percent commission fee from your total sum. 

When Does FeetFinder Pay Sellers?

Once your earning meets a certain threshold ($30), request Feetfinder to pay you. The platform will simply send you the payment using the banking information you’ve provided while signing up for the profile. You will likely receive your money in three to five days.

What Factors Affect Earnings on Feetfinder?

Not all sellers earn the same amount on Feetfinder. Like any other marketplace, this foot-selling platform has to earn discrepancies between sellers. 

You can earn thousands of dollars on Feetfinder. That said, there are certain factors and monetization methods that play a key role in deciding your average income on this platform. 

In this section, we will take you through meaningful considerations. This will help you  get the right idea of earning on Feetfinder.

Quality of content and presentation

High-quality, appealing, and creative content is essential for establishing a dedicated fan base. A top seller, Europeansassyfeet sells her high-quality content for $8.96 per month. 

Thus, invest efforts in producing captivating foot-related media and boost your earnings capabilities.

So, you should make efforts in producing foot-related media that can boost your earnings.

Size and Engagement of the Audience

Building a loyal customer base requires regular engagement and interaction. You can maximize your customer base if you post content regularly and actively respond to messages. Besides, offering personalized experiences can foster customer loyalty. This leads to recurring purchases which impacts your earnings.

Demand for foot-related content

That goes obvious, how much you can earn on Feetfinder depends on the scope of demand on this specific platform. As there is already a massive competition on Feetfinder, so you have to go the extra mile to stand out from the rest. 

One way to boost your earnings is by assessing your target audience. For instance, upload clean feet pics with heels, fishnets, etc. if you are targeting brands. However, if a foot fetish community is under your radar, select a most-selling niche. For instance, foot modeling, foot domination, or anything that grabs their attention.

Marketing and promotion strategies

The more you promote your content, the more likely you reach a wider audience and find high-paying customers. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. are great social media platforms to market your foot-related content.

Pricing considerations

Determining the appropriate pricing for content can be challenging but crucial. Demand and perceived value of your content are major factors in setting a suitable price. 

Pros and Cons of FeetFinder

Here are some great advantages of using this foot-selling platform.

  • Feetfinder provides access to a niche market specifically interested in foot-related content.
  • Feetfinder offers a secure and trustworthy platform for users to sell and buy foot-related content.
  • Sellers can cancel their accounts anytime if they don’t like the platform. That said, no refund policy is available. 
  • It offers weekly cash giveaways to keep sellers happy.
  • The platform has 4.8-Star Reviews on Trustpilot
  • It offers a 14-day free trial period to test the platform services.

Here are a few drawbacks of using this platform that we would also like to point out. 

  • You have to pay a subscription fee before you start making money on this platform.
  • You have to go through an ID verification process that can be a pain.
  • The platform is oversaturated with content creators.
  • As of now, the platform only accepts sellers from the West.
  • There is no dedicated application available for users.

How to Get Started on Feetfinder?

To start monetizing your content, you have to follow the following procedure;

Set Up Profile

Visit the Feetfinder website ( and locate the “Sign Up” or “Join Now” button. Click on it to begin the registration process. You may be asked to provide your email address, username, and password. Ensure you choose a unique username and a strong password for security purposes.


ID Verification: 

After completing the sign-up form, Feetfinder will send a verification email. Check your inbox or spam emails and click on the verification link provided in the email.  Confirming your email ownership is vital to activate your account.

Complete Your Profile

Once your email is verified, you can proceed to set up your profile on Feetfinder. This step involves adding basic information, date of birth, and details about your content. Create a profile that attracts potential customers and showcases your unique offerings.

How to Boost Earnings on Feetfinder?

Capturing a high-quality picture is a good starting point, but it alone is insufficient to outshine the competition. Here are some invaluable tips to enhance your earnings on Feetfinder.

Creating appealing and specialized content

The visual appeal of your photos is a non-negotiable aspect of a best-selling picture. Quality production with good lighting and editing tools makes a big difference. Furthermore, use different themes, scenarios, and props to add uniqueness to your content.

Engaging with the Feetfinder community

An effective way to expand your reach is by connecting with other content creators. You should participate in discussion forums and chat groups. Share your valuable insight with fellow members and make profitable connections.

Building a niche audience and catering to specific interests

Make intensive market research to determine the needs and preferences of buyers. Create specialized content that is in demand. Besides, you should offer personalized options to cater to individual preferences. This enables you to charge premium prices, as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Leveraging social media and other platforms for promotion

Create social media profiles on leading platforms. Share previews, teasers, and behind-the-scenes content to evoke buyers’ interest. Furthermore, collaborate with bloggers or influencers to tap into their existing audience.

 Managing customer relationships and providing exceptional service

Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal patrons, leading to increased earnings. So always be responsive and attentive and create strong communication with your prospects. Besides, offer a high level of personalization to ensure a high level of exclusivity. Your content should meet clients’ expectations with quality content. 

What Are Privacy and Safety Considerations on Feetfinder?

Feetfinder leverages industry-standard encryption methods to protect your privacy and security. That said, the online platform can guarantee 100 percent security. so, here are key security aspects of this platform that require utmost attention.

 Protecting personal information and identity

Feetfinder allows users to maintain their anonymity while sharing their content. You can choose a username without your identity. You can choose a username without your identity. As a content creator, you would have full control over the content you share. So only share data that does not reveal your personal information. It should not surpass your privacy boundaries.

Understanding the platform’s privacy settings and policies

Familiarize yourself with Feetfinder’s privacy settings and customize them according to your preferences. Besides, respect the “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” of Feetfinder. 

This will provide insights into how your data is handled. you will also get familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a seller. For instance, Feetfinder only allows foot-related content. If you post media about any other body part, it’s against the platform’s policy.

Safeguarding against potential risks and maintaining boundaries

Set boundaries on what you are willing to share or discuss on this platform. Besides, try to avoid indulging in any sort of non-consensual activities. If you experience inappropriate behavior, block the user and report it immediately on the platform.

How to Managing Expectations and Potential Challenges on Feetfinder?

Success is not an overnight phenomenon. It takes time, effort, determination, and patience to boost your earning.

If you become a successful seller, the platform can reach out to you for purchasing your content itself. It means you would be able to sell content without having to find buyers.

But to get there, you have to employ strategic planning and a positive attitude. For instance;

Recognizing that earnings can vary widely

Every marketplace has price differences depending on the quality and demand of specific content. So keep this in mind before offering your content for sale.

Patience and persistence in building a customer base

When you post frequently, you get into the eyes of the prospects. Keep posting your foot-related media even if you are not getting the immediate attention of customers. 

 Identifying and adapting to market trends and customer preferences

Stay informed with the evolving market trends and buyers’ preferences. This will help in crafting content that caters to the demands of the audience. This meaningful insight will ultimately translate to higher Feetfinder income.

Alternatives of Foot Finders

If you are looking for similar platforms where you can expand your reach as a foot fetish model, these alternatives are worth your attention

Xmodel by

XModel is a popular white-label fansite software to create your foot-selling platform. It comes with innovative features like a Subscription membership model, live streaming, a commerce store, and more.


Foap Is an application that is easily available on Google Play Store. It allows users to turn their foot pictures into money. It has good customer reviews but it charges a 50 percent commission fee.


Whisper is an application that allows selling your foot pictures to the globe. This social networking app lets you share your content anonymously. There is no mandatory fee to access the app.


Can I Stay Anonymous on FeetFinder?

Yes, Feetfinder lets sellers use their username instead of their real name. So you can sell foot-related content without revealing your identity.

How Much Should I Sell Feet Pics For?

An average foot picture and video sell at $22 and $19. That said, If you are a beginner, you should start selling your content at minimum prices.

How To Sell Feet Pics Online Without Getting Scammed?

Always do research and choose only reputable platforms, such as Feetfinder. Read customer reviews and discuss payment upfront to avoid any hassle afterward. Additionally, beware of any suspicious offer that seems too good to be true.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On Your FeetFinder Earnings

Yes, you have to pay taxes for your online earnings. If you are a resident of America and are earning more than $600 annually.

Key Takeaways

Feetfinder is an effective platform to monetize your foot-related content. The actual Petfinder income depends on the quality of content and buyer’s preferences. That said, high quality and visually appealing always translate into good Feetfinder income.

Make sure you are well-informed about the market trends. You have an understanding of the target niche and audience. You should also be familiar with the type of content that has a high demand. 

Furthermore, keep your online security a top priority before posting your content. Avoid any activity or discussion that can create vulnerabilities. You can get the most out of your Feetfinder investment by following these best practices.

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