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Is Rewarded Play legit? If you are a gamer like me, you will love an intriguing game that earns you rewards. Get ready to explore Rewarded Play and discover if it lives to its promises.

Having played this game, I will provide unbiased and transparent reviews based on my experience. Stay with me as we explore outstanding features, gameplay, and if there are other alternatives to the game.


What is Rewarded Play?


Rewarded Play is a legit platform that turns playtime into rewards. It targets gaming enthusiasts looking to earn some benefits for their playtime. If you are new to the game or an expert, Rewarded Play captivates gamers due to the benefits offered.

These include:

  • Earning rewards for leisure
  • A diverse range of activities apart from playing, such as completing surveys or watching videos
  • Generous rewards system
  • Access to a community forum
  • Timely and reliable rewards

Mains Features of Rewarded Play

Here are some of the key features that set Rewarded Play apart while enhancing the user experience;

  • Rewarding Variety of Activities

Gamers can enjoy a variety of tasks offered by Rewarded Play. Whether it’s playing games, watching videos or taking surveys, anyone can enjoy being part of this platform.  

  • Gamified Progression System

As you complete tasks or play games, you earn experience points that contribute to the overall tally. The more points you earn, the higher you rise in the levels. Each level has new features and exclusive rewards, thus providing games with an intriguing sense of achievement.

  • Customer Service

As a gamer, the customer support of my gaming app must be easily reachable. For Rewarded Play, the customer support is excellent. They are quick to resolve matters professionally.

  • Daily Bonuses and Challenges

This motivates you to keep logging in to your account to earn bonus points daily. Also, the platform offers daily challenges that you must complete. If you are successful, you earn extra points, thus encouraging frequent participation.

  • User-Friendly Interface

User experience is crucial for any gaming platform; hence the interface must be user-friendly. The Rewarded Play platform has an intuitive interface that allows easy navigation while playing. Also, you can complete any tasks quickly as you can effortlessly access them. It’s also easy to track your level progress as you play without complications.

  • Exclusive Offers and Deals

Rewarded Play offers its users an opportunity to enjoy exclusive offers and deals. You can get limited offers on famous products and services through partnerships with other established brands. Take advantage of the offers to enjoy additional benefits beyond what the app offers.

How to Play and Earn Rewards in Rewarded Play?

Here are the steps involved I Rewarded Play

  1. Sign up and Account Creation

Download the Rewarded Play app on your Android phone from Google Play store. Follow the registration process by inputting all required details, such as email address and accepting the data agreement.

This is a normal procedure in gaming, as the gaming platforms track your phone usage to see that you’ve completed the games. Once you sign up, log in and add some games to play by downloading them.

  1.  Download Games

Gamers can enjoy hundreds of games on the app. Choose a game that intrigues you and proceed to download it. I realized that downloading and playing new games from the app earns you more reward points. The good thing about this game is that it gives you something to work towards. Every time you hit an in-game milestone, you get a reward.

  1.  Earn Points

Rewarded Play refers to the points earned as ‘coins’, whose summation appears in the shape of stars at the top right side of your screen. The coins increase as you continue playing. So if you love challenges, you will want to have more coins.

  1. Cashing Out

This is my favorite part of the game! Rewarded Play has a minimum redemption requirement of 45,000 points, which equals a $5 gift card. You can redeem this gift card from various stores, including Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Adidas, Gap, and Walmart.

Tips and strategies for maximizing rewards on Rewarded Play

For gamers, the thrill of enjoying a game and adding the possibility of earning some rewards is invigorating. Here are a few tips to consider;

  • Focus on High-Value Tasks

You can participate in several tasks that will earn you higher rewards. Check on tasks that take a shorter time but offer high rewards.

  • Complete Daily Tasks

The app assigns daily tasks that you must take advantage of. They may include logging in daily, completing survey questions or taking part in time-sensitive offers. Completing these tasks will earn you more rewards, thus increasing your achievement points.

  • Participate in Referral Programs

Most gaming apps have this feature which enables you to earn rewards if you refer others to join the platform. When you introduce people and they sign up, you will receive a bonus from their earnings. This means recruiting more people will help you earn additional points.

  • Look out for Special Promotions

The app runs several promotions for its users. Be on the lookout for seasonal campaigns and partnerships with other brands and take advantage to earn points or even win valuable prizes.

  • Set Goals and Track Progress

As a gamer, I know the importance of setting goals while playing a game. With Rewarded Play, set a goal of the number of points you intend to earn in a stipulated time frame. Track your progress and celebrate milestones. Having this discipline will encourage you to keep maximizing rewards.

Games Available in Rewarded Play

In the games section of the app, you will find a long list of games to choose from. You can download the games and play them immediately. These games include

  • Bingo Blitz
  • Coin master
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Sudoku
  • Pirate Kings
  • Mahjong
  • World series poker

There are hundreds of games available from any genre you can think of. So if you are a mobile gamer, you will enjoy this app. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Wheel of Fortune, bingo blitz, and Sudoku. However, some games are only available based on your location. By the app and are limited to US and Canada only.

Redemption Process in Rewarded Play

The minimum redeemable points in Rewarded Play is 45,000 points. The app simplifies the redemption process to turn your hard-earned coins into gift cards. Choose from a selection of available gift cards from famous stores and retailers.

After redeeming the points, you will get the gift card mailed to your address or in person within 48 hours. If you prefer the digital route, you’ll receive it via email. This creates a positive experience in the redemption process due to its flexibility.

If you are up for a challenge, don’t stop at 45,000 points; continue earning more from playing your favorite games.

Legitimacy and Trustworthiness in Rewarded Play

Any reward-based platform must be trustworthy as this determines whether people want to sign up. Rewarded Play app prides itself as a legit platform, thanks to having a reliable payment method and reward distribution systems. That’s why the app has positive reviews highlighting the transparency and safety of the platform.

To ensure user security, the app implements robust measures to protect sensitive information. Your personal data is safe as the app uses advanced encryption and secure payment gateways.

Alternatives to Rewarded Play for Earning Money

Here are a few alternatives for Rewarded Play app

  • Mistplay

This Android app offers mobile gamers an opportunity to participate in various games, and in turn, you earn gift cards from famous retailers such as Amazon. With over ten million downloads on the Google Play store, the app continues to gain popularity due to its reward variety, including free gift cards, google play credit and Steam codes. Additionally, the app lets you cash out rewards as low as $0.5 to $1

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a very popular cash-rewarding platform and a great side hustle. You can earn rewards on this platform in several ways, including answering surveys playing mobile games, searching the web, playing trivia games and uploading shopping receipts. Though it doesn’t have a great game selection like Rewarded Play, you can earn points from simple tasks such as uploading a shopping receipt. The reward option includes gift cards and PayPal money. You can cash the gift cards for as low as $1, thus a valuable platform for iOS users.

  • Cash Giraffe

This Android app pays you with PayPal cash and ee gift cards for downloading and playing games. It has a variety of games across several genres. You can cash out from Cash Giraffe starting at $0.20. the app is decent, and I liked it a lot as you can use Paypal!

  • InboxDollars

Get rewarded on this site for answering surveys, playing games and shopping. Surveys earn you more points money, but you can also enjoy playing some arcade games for money. This hustle lets you cash out a minimum of $10, which I found a bit reasonable. As a new user, you get a $5 bonus just for signing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Reliable are the Rewards and Payouts?

The rewards and payouts offered in Rewarded Play are reliable. The platform has a strong reputation for ensuring gamers receive their rewards and payouts promptly. The positive reviews speak highly of its legitimacy.

Can I Trust the Accuracy of the Point-tracking System?

Yes, since the platform utilizes a robust tracking mechanism to ensure that all points recorded are accurate. Therefore, you should be confident while playing as regarded play will provide a precise tally of your earned points.

Are there any Restrictions when Earning or Redeeming Rewards?

Rewarded Play doesn’t have any significant restrictions when it comes to earning or redeeming rewards. Therefore a gamer can freely choose the available options while considering the total number of earned points.

How Long Does it Typically Take to Receive Rewards?

Gamers can be impatient when it comes to receiving their hard-earned rewards. The platform prides itself on offering users the processing time for rewards. Once you redeem the gift card, you will  receive it via post or mail within 48 hours. Otherwise, you can receive it electronically via email, which takes a shorter time.

Is Customer Support Responsive and Helpful?

Yes! Having tested the app’s customer support, I know how dedicated they are to making your playing time seamless. Their professionalism and expertise enhance seamless playtime.


Through thorough research, Rewarded Play is a legit platform for a side hustle. The platform has a reliable reward, a great point tracking system, and offers a variety of choices in redeeming gift cards. Not to mention you enjoy a variety of games. 

While considering available alternatives in the market is a good idea, you must try out the Rewarded Play and enjoy the thrill of playing and the rewards offered. Download the app and sign in to reap the benefits today.

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