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Is Shein testers legit? This venture has money-making potential if you are looking for a side hustle. Get ready for an exciting journey as we dive into this fashion-forward opportunity. 

Besides testing trendy products from Shein fashion house, you can earn rewards and income while being part of a fashion community. Based on my experience, read on and decide whether this venture lives up to its promises.


What is Shein Testing?

A Shein product tester is an individual who gives honest feedback on Shein products. Shein is a global online store that sells shoes, accessories, clothes and lifestyle products. The company is known for its fashionable products and also their reasonable prices.

Shein testers get clothes and products from Shein, test and review them, and share their favorite looks with followers. It’s a win-win situation for both parties as the Shein tester gets new clothing while Shein gets exposure when the tester shares reviews and feedback to their followers.

However, you don’t have to be a fantastic content creator or an influencer. You can try the Shein free trial to receive and review new Shein products. You get paid by participating in the affiliate program and earn commissions. Here are a few steps that show how shein testing works

  • Application Process

The application process is relatively easy and involves filling in your basic information and a questionnaire to assess preferences and interests. Once you apply, await notification of selection.

If you are an influencer or the social media platforms, you can apply for the SHEGLAM fam, an influencer program. Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge following, as you can still be a Shein tester by joining the Shein free trial.

I joined the affiliate program to make money from commissions generated from shein products.

  • Selection as a tester

The shein testing team reviews all applications and selects a participant who meets their qualifications. Though not everyone qualifies for the opportunity, you can reapply again, as every day, there are more shein testers opportunities.

  • Receiving Products for Testing

Upon successful selection, the Shein tester receives Shein products to test based on their application preference. These include clothes, accessories and beauty products. You get the latest trends in products in the Shein catalog!

  • Providing Feedback and Reviews

Shein values honest reviews and feedback as these opinions enhance the product offering. Therefore shein testers must thoroughly evaluate the product’s functionality, comfort, quality and user experience. By giving your feedback, you help improve the development of shein products.

As a shein tester, you can earn points by submitting quality reviews on your test products. You can use these points for future purchases or redeem them for cash rewards. For cash rewards, every 100 points are equivalent to $1.To submit a successful review, here are a few tips

  • Make sure the photos are clear and viewers can see the product clearly
  • Take multiple shots from various angles with different lighting conditions
  • Ensure that the written feedback covers all aspects of the product, whether it is clothing, cover the texture, comfort, design, and quality of fabric while wearing it.
  • Avoid discussing irrelevant topics or using offensive language

How to Get More Points as a Shein Tester

  • Daily check-in
  • Join outfit contents
  • Participate in show contests
  • Participate in daily marketing activities

 Shein testing is a valuable money-making venture. Here are some pros and cons:


  • Access the latest fashion trend products
  • Potential to earn rewards and income
  • Opportunity to get products for free or at exclusive discounts
  • An opportunity to influence product development


  • Dependence on the shein selection process to participate
  • Potential for variation in product fit and quality
  • Testing process may require much effort and time input to give thorough feedback

Outstanding Features of Shein Testers job

These are some of the features that I found intriguing in Shein testing:

  • Diverse Range of Products

Shein gives you access to various products, such as clothing, makeup and accessories. If you love clothes like me, you can indulge in different types of fabric and colors.

  • Regular Availability of Testing Opportunities

Shein has a frequent flow of testing opportunities. You can apply for the free trial program three times a week and await their success notification through email or on the free trial site. The company has various products that need testing every time. Hence this gives you a chance to participate and earn rewards.

  • Direct Impact on Product Development

As a shein tester, your opinion matters, which shapes and improves shein Products for end users.

  • Accessibility to Exclusive Discounts and Promotions

You can save on your shopping bill by accessing exclusive discounts and promotions on the products you are testing.

 Why Participate in Shein Testing?

Several compelling reasons made me join the Shein testing program.

  • Make Supplemental Income:

Considering the high cost of living recently, I have been constantly searching for a way to make supplemental income. I love fashion, and when I came across the Shein Testers program, I had to try it out. By testing their products, I have made income from this venture.

  • Access to Free or Discounted Products

We all love freebies or discounted sales. When you become a Shein tester, you can get products you love at discounted prices or for free to give honest reviews.

  • Influence on Product Development

If you love fashion and look forward to influencing the fashion industry, this is your opportunity. By participating in Shein testing, your opinion matters and can help make a difference in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

  • Build Relationships within SheinCommunity

Shein testers can connect on the platform and share their passion and fashion ideals. This helps build relationships as you become part of a vibrant community.

Legitimacy of Shein Testers

It’s natural for people to be curious while exploring cash-earning opportunities. Shein testers is a real and legitimate job whose role is to test out Shein products and give honest reviews. I have participated in both the free trial and affiliate programs and earned some money every month.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to influence the fashion industry while earning some money, Shein testing is the way to go.

Alternatives to Shein Testing for Earning Money

Besides being a Shein tester, there are other money-making alternatives. You can become a product tester with other brands. This includes:

  • Reebok

The footwear giant offers affiliates a 7% commission on sales they make. Registration is free on the site; you only need to promote the product in different ways to get customers. If you are a shoe fanatic, this will be easy, as you also get discounted product rates.

  • Amazon

In my quest for ways to make extra income, I have been part of the Amazon affiliate marketing program, and though I did not make much money, I enjoyed the program. The site has so many products that you can use affiliate links to promote products to generate sales. Some people even use this channel as their main hustle! I found it too much work, as I usually had to buy the products and give reviews to gain the buyers’ trust.

  • UrbaneBox

This is also a subscription-based online styling service for men and women. Every month, the in-house stylists put together a wardrobe based on consumer preferences just for $60. You earn $15 for every new subscriber who uses your link to sign up, with the potential to raise your commission if you bring in more people. Despite high commission rates, the uptake is slow on this one.

  • My Lala Leggings

You will be amazed at how popular leggings are! Lala Leggings sells soft leggings, pants, capris, dresses and tops and has an affiliate marketing program that offers a 25% commission on sales. 

You can get a 5% commission on tiered sales if you have a team. However, it may be a multilevel marketing (MLM) business model, which is not sustainable in the long run, as you may run out of people to recruit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Shein Testers a legitimate opportunity?

Yes, it is! This platform has a strong reputation in the fashion industry. Thus, it offers genuine testing opportunities while ensuring they reward participants accordingly.

How much can one earn as a Shein tester?

You can rack up your points by reviewing products, checking in daily, or participating in contests. Just verifying your email, you earn an immediate 100 points. So, your earning potential depends on several factors. This side hustle is a valuable source of supplemental income!

Are there any costs involved in becoming a tester?

No, to become a Shein tester is absolutely free. You are only required to participate in testing and reviewing Shein products and get paid.

What types of products are available for testing?

Shein offers a variety of products for testing. This includes clothing, shoes, swimwear, makeup and accessories. Depending on your preferences, you can apply to be a Shein tester.

How often are testing opportunities provided?

Suppose you want to participate in the free trial. In that case, you can apply thrice each week from their website. Also, if you want to join the affiliate program, apply through the Shein website and await selection, of which the Shein team will notify you via email.


Shein testing is a legitimate and rewarding side hustle for fashion enthusiasts. It provides an opportunity to test the latest trends on products and influence product development while earning you points; hence, it’s a platform worth exploring. Join shein testers today and unleash your fashion expertise and smile all the way to the bank.

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