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If you’re one of the people who ask, is TesterUp legit? Then, this guide is perfect for you! Out of the many platforms, TesterUp is actually one of the most known, so, let’s test her up!

Unfortunately, the majority of reviews and feedback for TesterUp proved to be fake. Many say that it misleads users with false ads and makes grand promises that seem too good to be true.

We don’t want to judge, so, we took the matter into our own hands and sought if TesterUp is legit or not!

What’s to come:

What is TesterUp?

I honestly didn’t know what they were, the first time, also. But, in a nutshell, it is a testing platform for software that simplifies and improves the overall testing procedure. It is a Get-Paid-To or a GPT website wherein users and members can earn money just by taking or doing certain actions!

It provides a variety of features and functions, such as reporting, problem tracking, test execution, and test case management.

One thing that makes it standout among the rest is its promise. The website says that you’re eligible to earn up to $120 per test and that you can get up to 50 different test offers.

In my own opinion, I found it too good to be true. Nevertheless, me and the team went ahead and studied the site a bit more.

How Does TesterUp Work?

Like other get-paid-to websites and platforms, TesterUp works by you (the user) doing a certain action that the website wants. It can be answering surveys, doing CAPTCHAs, or testing applications, websites, or games.

They will pay you for every test you finish. In terms of being finished, the website will be the one to dictate what’s finished and what’s not.

What is the Payment Process of TesterUp?

TesterUp pays its members and users via Paypal, and so, that is required. They don’t have any other form of payment as of writing, so, you’ll need a Paypal account.

Is TesterUp Legit? TesterUp Reviews, Feedback, and Complaints

The question still stands, is TesterUp legit? Let’s take a look at what users of TesterUp have to say about their experience with the program/system.

What Does TesterUp Offer?

As of writing, TesterUp has two ways of earning, through the tests and through referrals. Let us go through them individually and see how the company or the business does it.

1st Option: Test Offers

Test offers are the primary offers of this platform, I mean, you know it from their name alone. To do it, you just have to sign up, log into the dashboard, and then select the game you want to test out.

When you log in, you will immediately see the test offers that the program has and whether they’re a test for an app or a website.

NOTE: App tests will require you to use a mobile phone.

Each test will include the value, and to be frank, it is incredibly high. And to withdraw? Well, they’ll ask you to settle or pay a deposit. Nothing new, in my opinion.

2nd Option: Referral Program

The next option or way of earning is through the referral program. From what it’s called alone, it’s a kind of program where you earn when people register or sign up through you.

After signing up, you will automatically be given a referral link to the platform. From there, they will tell you to use that link so a person can sign up using it.

You will be paid per sign up. But, there’s a catch – and what is it, you may ask? It is you’ll only get your commission of 10% when your referral completes a test, which means, they’ll have to pay.

Just by looking at these two, I would already have a hunch about how they’re not who they say they are. Nevertheless, we’ll be fair and shuffle through what the benefits and disadvantages are.

Pros of TesterUp  

Let us now take a look at a few of the advantages or pros of using TesterUp.

Wide Array of Tests and Offers to Try

One of the pros or advantages of TesterUp is that you’ll have a ton of tests to choose from. From the moment you log in after you register or sign up, you will be welcomed by different tests! You can choose from both websites or mobile apps!

Free Sign Up

Another pro is that it doesn’t cost anything to sign up. You can sign up for free – and without thinking about any membership fees! We’re talking about singing up into the platform, not anything else…

You Can Use It On Any Device

And last but most definitely not least is that you can use it on any device that you have. Whether it’s a mobile device, a tablet, or a computer, it will be compatible.

Niche Pursuits, a well-renowned website that does reviews say that TesterUp is actually a legitimate website. However, everything you’ll do in it is a risk, especially since you will have to pay for them.

Cons of TesterUp

Now, let’s take a deep dive and look at the cons of TesterUp.

High Payout Claims

One of the cons is the extremely lucrative payout that they claim. I mean, everyone wants to earn high, but as high as what they’re offering for doing virtually nothing? It’s too good to be true.

If you’re like most people, you’d already think of it as a scam.

You’re Not “Testing”

Testing is done by you (a user) trying a game or a website and then giving feedback about it. With TesterUp, you just play games and reach a certain level – that’s it. So, you’re not really testing, instead, you’re just playing.

Ads Are Deceitful

When you see ads for TesterUp, you will see good and positive feedback claiming that TesterUp is legitimate. But, in reality, it’s not.

Most, if not all the time, these ads are forged, meaning, they’re not from “real people,” and, instead, they’re made by bots or computers.

A Lot of User Complaints

TesterUp has gained traction, but not in a positive way. A lot of people are actually frustrated with the program because of how it’s set up and how it’s incredibly misleading.

Some people say they’ve tried it with proof that they did, but some people just don’t buy it. There are more complaints in a single forum than all positive reviews overall.

Paid From Surveys, one of the sites that actually give good information on how to make money online says that it’s not worth your time.

On the other hand, Trust Pilot has TesterUp on the 4.1-star scale, meaning, it’s good. However, if you take a look at the majority of the reviews, people who left reviews were either enjoying the user interface, the games, and those that mention guides – not really how they use it “to earn money.”

It Requires Money to Cash Out or Complete

And probably the biggest red flag of all would be the fact that it asks you for money when you do a test. You engage in TesterUp because you want to earn money, but, you it will ask you to do the exact opposite, which is fishy, if you ask me.

Source: Testerup

How Much Does TesterUp Pay?

According to the website, users can earn up to $120 per test offer – some even stretch out to $160. If you think about it, it’s good money – but it really isn’t sustainable if it continues and runs as it is.

In addition to that, TesterUp also pays you every time you refer a person and that person completes the “tests.” You get 10% commission off that person, whatever test they come to finish.

Tips to Make Money and Stay Safe Using TesterUp

Since TesterUp is frowned upon by many experts, websites, and people, the only real way for you to earn safely is through their referral program.

By leveraging their referral program, you can earn without risking whether or not you’ll get paid after you spend money!

It’s the best and safest way to go!

TesterUp Alternatives: Legit Ways to Earn Money Online

Instead of plateauing on TesterUp, there are other get-paid-to websites that you can leverage and take advantage of if you want to earn money online by testing.

As per users and experts, the best alternatives to TesterUp are:

  • Branded Surveys – Answer surveys and earn! You can cash out at $5.
  • TryMyUI – Assess and test websites
  • Swagbucks – You can earn gift cards and PayPal cash for sharing opinions.
  • Userbrain – You will review websites and you’ll earn $3 per test! It’s low but it’s legit!


If you still have questions, don’t worry, we got you! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about TesterUp’s legitimacy!

Is the Tester Work Safe? 

Yes, the profession or job itself is safe and legit. However, you need to be wary of the business or the company you’re dealing with, because not all are real.

Does Testerup Give Real Money? 

TesterUp, as a business or website is legit. They have concrete proof that they’re existent. However, many forums and online entities give TesterUp a backlash in terms of legitimacy. They claim and say that TesterUp isn’t legit.

Does Testerup Have Payment Proof? 

As of the moment, there are no proofs of payment from TesterUp from legitimate sources. Alston Godbolt, a well-renowned YouTube reviewer, made a review and said that it’s a waste of time. But, TesterUp’s terms and policies say that they will pay you.

Is KashKick Legit?

KashKick, like TesterUp, is a get-paid-to website. The majority of people who tried it said that it’s legit. However, the payouts are small and in order to earn “real money,” you’ll need to do thousands of their tasks.

Final Verdict

So, is TesterUp legit? Not to burst your bubble, but yes, they are legit – however, what they say about paying people might be the one that’s off. A lot of people gave it a negative review simply because of its high payout claim partnered with the requirement of $70 to cash out.

Try your luck with other get-paid-to websites and services and see what you can get out of them! 

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