Is Travellergram A Legit Or Scam Site? Let’s Uncover The Truth 

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Many of you might have seen the name of the website named travellergram while searching on the internet. You may be wondering if travellergram legit or a scam site. Today we will discuss in great detail “Is travellergram a legit or scam site? let’s uncover the truth.”  


What is Travellergram?

Travellergram is an online platform that allows users to book flights and hotels. The platform makes it easy to search for flights and hotels, compare prices, and book your travel. 

Travellergram also allows users to upload photos and reviews about the hotels they stay in and share them on popular social networks.

This makes Travellergram a great resource for travelers who want to find affordable travel deals and share their travel experiences with others.

Is Travellergram Legit?

Travellergram is a relatively new travel booking website that has been making waves in the industry. However, it is important to do your research before using Travellergram, as the website has a mixed reputation online.

Online Presence

Travellergram has a website and social media presence, but it is not as well-known as some other travel booking websites. The website has a good design and is easy to use.

However, there are not as many reviews on the website as there are on other travel booking websites. This could be a red flag, as it suggests that the website is not as popular as some of its competitors.


Travellergram has a mixed reputation online. Some people have had positive experiences with the website, while others have had negative experiences. This suggests that the website is not universally loved or hated. 

As had been said earlier, travellergram has mixed reviews from the users. This user named Cielo has given a positive review to Travellergram and wrote that,

“I booked several times through Travellergram and had no problems, and I can tell you for sure this is a 100% legit and safe site. This is my personal experience.”

Is Travellergram a Scam?

There are some things that might show Travellergram is not safe. These include:

  • The website is new and doesn’t have many reviews.
  • The reviews are both good and bad.
  • The website’s customer service is not good. If you want to use Travellergram, be careful of these things.”

Also, the website’s terms and conditions are unclear or difficult to understand. This could make it difficult for users to know what they are agreeing to when they book travel through the website.

If you are considering using Travellergram, being aware of these potential red flags and warning signs is important.

source: Travellergram

Why Is There So Much Debate About Its Legitimacy?

There are a few reasons why there is so much discussion about the legitimacy of Travellergram. The first reason is that the website is fairly new, so it has not had time to establish a solid reputation. 

The second reason is that the website has a mixed reputation online, which suggests that there is a variety of experiences to be had.

Travelledgram Reviews 

Travelledgram has mixed reviews online and offline. 


Some of the pros of this website are as follows:

  • The website is easy to use.
  • It has good prices for flights and hotels.
  • There are many flights and hotels to choose from.
  • The customer service is good.

This user has given a positive review to Travellergram on Trustpilot,

“I liked the price on Travellergram website. Much cheaper compared to others. It was my husband’s birthday, and I was worried, but the type of room was exactly the one that I chose. I will book again in the future.”


Some of the cons of this website is as follows:

  • There have been reports of scams.
  • It’s not as popular as other travel websites.
  • Some people have had bad experiences with the website.

However, not everyone has positive reviews about Travelledgram. Like this user has given it a negative review,

“(Travelledgram says) We provide an honest price to travelers, with no hidden fees.

No, you don’t!!!

You show the lowest price on a Google search. But then, hey presto….your €117 on Google now becomes €176 with taxes and fees. You did this for 3 other searches I did through Google.

So you are in fact, cheating by enticing potential customers with a false rate on the search results and then jacking up your rate on the booking page.


Main Features of Travellergram?

The main features of Travellergram website are as follows: 

Search And Compare Prices

Travellergram allows users to search for flights and hotels and compare prices from diff to know when prices change for travel on Travellergram.

Booking Your Travel

Once users have found the flights and hotels they want, they can book their travel directly through Travellergram. This makes it easy to complete the booking process and start planning your trip.

Uploading Photos And Reviews

Travellergram allows users to upload photos and reviews about the hotels they stay in. This is a great way to share your travel experiences with others and help them to plan their own trips.

Share On Social Networks

Travellergram allows users to share their photos and reviews on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is a great way to get the word out about your travel experiences and connect with other travelers.

Get special benefits &Earn points

Book a lot with Travellergram and get better customer service and discounts.: Get points for booking travel on Travellergram and use them for more travel or other things.

The business model of Travellergram is as follows:

  • Content generation
  • Community building
  • Monetization through partnerships
  • Social networking

Alternatives to Travellergram

Here are some websites that can be an excellent alternative to Travellergram. 


Kayak is a website that helps you find good deals for travel. You can compare prices for flights, hotels, cars, and trips. Kayak also has tools to help you plan your trip and a blog.


Expedia is a big travel website that started in 1996. This website is founded by Rich Barton and Barry Diller. Its headquarter is in Seattle, and it has offices in many countries. Over 500 million people use it.


TripAdvisor is a website where you can read reviews of places to go and things to do. You can also ask other travelers for advice in the travel forum of TripAdvisor. This website started its journey in 2000 is a website where you can book places to stay in more than 220 countries and territories. It is one of the biggest travel agencies in the world. This website also has more than 287 million accommodation listings for visitors to chose from. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Travellergram A Legit Website?

Till now, we have not found a single authentic review based on which we can call it a legit website. On the contrary, they have some bad review from authentic users that raises a big question mark on their credibility. 

How does Travellergram work? 

To use Travellergram, make an account and put in when and where you want to go. The website will find good deals for travel. You can book the deal you like on Travellergram.

Will you consider using Travellergram when going for travel? 

No, I will not consider this website when going on a travel. Rather, this website is too new, and I will choose other options such as

Is travellergram legit reddit?

According to a post on Reddit, it cautions us to be careful with travel websites you don’t know because there are many fake ones, so if you don’t know who has used travellergram personally, you better avoid it. 


Each of the sources that posted positive reviews about travellergram, was their only comment on the platform.

That made me more suspicious about their activity. Also, I searched on Google Maps to find their office location, but nothing came along. 

These things are potential red flags for a website. We will suggest you keep your faith in old companies such as, and TripAdvisor before planning any travel schedule. 

In this way, you can save yourself from potential scams. 

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