Is WeAre8 Legit?: Your Guide to Signing Up, Using, and Cashing Out 

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WeAre8 is a monetization platform where users can earn money by watching ads. But many of us ponder, is WeAre8 legit?We have done extensive research to get you the right answer. The coming sections offer information gathered from the feedback of actual WeAre8 users.

This article will also offer insight into this platform’s revenue potential and legality. Are you ready to find the authentic details about this influencer marketing platform?

What’s to come:

What Is WeAre8?

WeAre8 is a community that brings businesses and people together. It does that via sponsored adverts. Few may even say it is more than a platform to earn money.

WeAre8 aims to allow generating income through participation. You can earn money by taking part in sponsored advertising and marketing initiatives.

This platform is easy and simple to use. You can engage with multiple accessible campaigns and earn money. It allows you to comment, share information and communicate directly with companies.

The most notable feature of WeAre8 is ad possibilities. Here, users can see targeted ads to earn money. If you complete more ad views, you earn more money.

WeAre8 uses only relevant advertisements. They use the information to create an interesting experience.

Signing Up To WeAre8

You can easily create an account on WeAre8 using these steps:

  • Go to the WeAre8 website or download the app from your store.
  • Click the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button.
  • Fill in details like name, email address, and password.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • You may have to give more details like gender, interests, and education.

These details define how much campaign content you get. It will help the advertiser find high-value targets.

WeAre8 Reviews

You must be excited to hear what real users say about WeAre8. We have studied the user reviews and created a pros and cons section for you. It will help you determine whether WeAre8 is suitable for you or not.


  • People earn money by viewing ads
  • The interface of WeAre8 is easy to navigate.
  • Communicating with brands and getting feedback is insightful.
  • Finding campaigns and opportunities is very easy.
  • You can set your availability. It allows you to earn the desired income from WeAre8.


  • You can only earn money when campaigns are available.
  • The eligibility criteria of some campaigns do not meet user preferences.
  • Limited payment methods.

You can study the pros and cons above and determine if WeAre8 suits you.


WeAre8 has some unique features. Study the section below for better insight:

WeAre8 has several advantages

  • WeAre8 allows you to contact influencers directly. It allows brands to talk to passionate people about their products and services. 
  • Brands can engage in meaningful and focused conversations with audiences.
  • WeAre8 real influencer marketing is less expensive compared to traditional advertising. One can say that they are a cost-effective option.
  • With less cost, brands can maximize their ROI and market spend. 
  • It helps the brand enhance trust among real users. This increases brand loyalty and endorsements.
  • WeAre8 offers campaign analytics. Brands can analyze reach, engagement, and conversion analytics to improve their marketing campaigns. 

A few disadvantages of WeAre8

  • WeAre8 works on authenticity. It means that the number of influencers is few.
  • Projects depend on demographics, so opportunities are few.
  • Compared to other platforms, WeAre8 is less popular. Many still as is weare8 legit? 
  • Some clients have trouble finding the right influencers due to a scarcity of services.

These reviews of WeAre8 can help brands decide if it is a good choice. On the one hand, the brand gets authentic content and deeper engagement with the audience. While on the other hand, the lack of popularity might shy away a few companies.

WeAre8’s Legitimacy and Ownership

WeAre8 is a social network working to democratize the domain of advertisement. It is a legitimate certified B platform

WeAre8 has a dedicated team with strong expertise in advertising and technology. The platform has partnered with leading brands, increasing credibility.

The company aims to provide users with a rewarding experience to users. It also creates a positive impact on the environment.

WeAre8 connects people with their favorite brands. These features contribute to the authenticity and reliability of the platform.

How Can You Cash Out With WeAre8?

Cashing in your earnings at WeAre8 is easy. Please remember that you can start withdrawing funds once you reach the threshold.

You can follow these simple steps if you want to cash out with WeAre8:

  • Go to the “Withdraw” or “Cash Out” section of your WeAre8 account. 
  • Select the payment option from the available options.
  • WeAre8 offers a variety of payment methods. It includes direct bank transfers and electronic wallets.

Please make sure to check for additional fees. Some payment methods may have fees associated with them.

How Can You Make Money Watching Ads On WeAre8?

WeAre8 is on a journey to make a huge environmental impact through small daily actions. It allows you to earn money for your time viewing ads.

Can You Earn Money on WeAre8? 

Yes, you can earn money by watching ads on WeAre8. The users have given positive feedback about their earning potential through WeAre8. 

WeAre8 partners with companies interested in direct contact with consumers. The companies reach out to the users and pay them for viewing ads.

Your earning potential depends on your demographic profile and engagement levels. It’s important to keep in mind that revenue potential can vary from user to user.

How Does WeAre8 Work?

WeAre8 works in a simple format. You watch ads, and you earn money. Here is a detailed breakdown of how WeAre8 works:

  • Receive information about advertising campaigns. These campaigns would be as per your interests and demographics.
  • Go to the designated campaign section and Open the WeAre8 app or website.
  • Select the ad campaign you want to join to view all ads.
  • After viewing the ad, you will get a set amount to earn in your WeAre8 account.
  • Repeat this process with other advertising campaigns to continue making money. 

WeAre8 offers services and other activities that earn you money. These may include sharing content, providing information, and participating in surveys or promotions. 
Exploring these opportunities can further increase your platform revenue.

How Much Money Can You Make With Weare8?

The sky is the limit regarding earning potential when you use the WeAre8 app. However, there are certain pointers that you need to take into consideration. 

These include:

  • The higher the proportion of campaigns you run on the app, the higher will be your earning prospects. However, you only need to remember that the regularity and accessibility of the campaigns change with time.
  • The problem with the psyche of advertisers is that they are looking for limited target segmentation. It immediately affects the number of campaigns you can run on your profile. One way to counter this limitation is by adding users with broader demographic interests. This will make your campaigner larger and stronger.
  • There is a direct proportion of an increase in earning potential as you participate in these so-called campaigns.

Certain users claim they have earned large sums of money by participating in WeAre8. It has to be said that these real-world user experiences showcase that by actively and consistently participating in the campaigns, you can get high returns.

Best Ways to Get Maximum Earnings by Watching Ads

Here are some ways that will help you make a great sum of money when you start using WeAre8:

  • Regularly visit the forum for the latest offerings on advertising campaigns. Remember, new campaigns allow you to make a lot of money.
  • Remember to concentrate your efforts on those ads you are interested in according to your specific demographics. New campaigns are the goldmines that will take you nearer to earning cash.
  • Try other mediums and activities on WeAre8 to earn more from the platform, like distributing content, giving user feedback, or participating in surveys.
  • Once you earn money, we recommend sharing your feedback about WeAre8 on social media or using our referral scheme. This will make more companies interested in our platform, enhancing the funding scope.
  • The only way to increase your chances of winning more cash on WeAre8 is by regular participation in live campaigns and activities. 

What Is The Payment Method For Weare8?

WeAre8 provides two payment options:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Electronic wallet

Before contemplating withdrawing the amount, carefully review the terms for fees and withdrawal limits about the payment methods. WeAre8 strives to make the lives of our users easier by providing a practical and safe payment procedure. 


We have provided you with a comprehensive take on WeAre8. Now is your chance to find out, “Is WeAre8 legit?”

Overall, WeAre8 is a genuine revenue creator providing high revenue potential for its users. We recommend WeAre8 to users in acute need of making more money.

This is your chance to affiliate with WeAre8. Start generating more money by occupying yourself with brands and ad campaigns today!

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