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Spades Online For Money, a trick-taking card game dating back to 1930, has gained immense popularity nowadays thanks to online platforms. Unlike the old times, you can now play Spades for real money online on your mobile or laptop device.

In this article we will answer:

  • Rules of playing Spades online
  • Tips and tricks for winning the game
  • How to earn real money in Spades online

How to Get Started with Spades Online?

To get started with Spades online, the basic things you need are an internet connection and a desktop or laptop PC with a web browser installed. Another input is your time. But that is on you to manage effectively.

Now you may be thinking, where can I play Spades for real money? Well, just run Google and search for the platforms with games and tournaments of Spades for money online. Here are some of the good platforms to play Spades for money:

See what suits you and choose a good platform. What is a good platform? We will come to that soon. After you have selected a platform, follow the following steps mentioned below to know how to play Spades online for free:

  1. To get started, simply share your personal details like your name, age, and email address. After sharing this information, complete the verification steps and set up the app.
  2. For the online transfer of funds into your account, deposit the amount using any of the given payment methods by your platform. Some platforms also allow you to use credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies.
  3. When done with registration and transfer, you are all set to start playing the game. 

How to Choose the Right Online Spades Platform?

No one wants to indulge in any problem caused by a terrible online platform. So, here are some factors you must consider before selecting one to play Spades for real money.

  • Security and Reviews: It is crucial that the platform you select has positive reviews. The platform must not make any compromise on security. It must provide all the necessary measures to keep your sensitive information confidential. So, make sure your research is good enough to keep you safe.
  • UI Design: Nothing is better than an easy-to-use user interface. After all, you must not have any difficulty navigating to your desired tournament or game type.
  • Game Modes: Variations in a game are always appreciated. That said, find reliable platforms that provide different types of Spades tournaments.
  • Ease of Payments: A range of payment options should be available on the site. It must enable gamers to deposit and transfer funds to various bank accounts and e-wallets.
  • Customer Support: Most importantly, any online Spades platform must have a solid customer care mechanism. It will help you in resolving issues that usually arise during gaming or payments. The best platform to choose is one that offers live chat, e-mail, and phone assistance.

What are Spades Strategies for Winning Real Money?

Just like any other card game, mastering Spades requires a skillset and enough practice. You must devote time to practicing tactics and strategies to outclass your opponents. Here are some basic and advanced methods for playing Spades:

Basic Strategies

  • Play a card of the same suit as the leading card to increase your chances of winning.
  • Observe the number of tricks your partner or you can win given the hand you hold to make a strong bet.
  • Make sure to protect your high-value cards, such as the Aces at the start of the game.

Advanced Strategies

  • Count Your Cards: Keep track of the cards in your hand and the cards you’ve played. This is a useful trick especially if you do not want to mess up your trick ever.
  • Observe your Opponents: Carefully observe and try to read your opponents’ game. Look for their reactions along with their bidding trends and discards. 
  • Communicate with Your Mates: This would be an ideal strategy to implement while playing in teams. Maintain good communication with your teammates to get success with every move.

Some Tricks and Tips For Spades Online for Money

You can find comprehensive guides on winning Spades through many online card game websites such as Anytime Games and Great Bridge Links. According to these sides, some effective tips and tricks include:

  • When playing in teams, if your teammate makes a large bid, don’t get worried or make large bids yourself too. Your partner will only do this when they have a powerful hand. If one member is playing aggressively, the other one should remain calm. 
  • If you don’t have a powerful hand but are left behind, bid blind or nothing with confidence. You should take this chance so that your opponents don’t think of you as a weak link. 
  • Bidding blind estimates how many tricks you can perform without seeing your hand. However, when bidding nil, you won’t be able to play a trick once you have seen your hand. So, bid bravely because if you win a bid, you will also win 100 points at once. 

Reneging and Penalties

In Spades, a player must follow suit if they have leading suit cards. However, if any player intentionally does not follow suit, it is called reneging and the player can face a penalty for this. A penalty can be in different forms:

  • In some cases, a player involved in reneging must forfeit a high-value card denoted as the penalty card.
  • Another scenario is that trick is declared void and both teams get or lose nothing.
  • Sometimes, reneging can cause point deductions for a team or a player.

Finding Real Money Spades Tournaments and Competitions

You can find Spades tournaments for money on various online sites as we mentioned above. Spades Blitz and VIP Spades are the two that are known for their competitions and prizes. 

These tournaments take place in different formats such as:

  • Single-Elimination: These are basically Knock-Out tournaments. To mark the progress of each player, brackets are drawn. The rules are simple, you lose a match, you say goodbye to the tournament.
  • Round-Robin: This is when each player goes head-on against all other players in the competition. For each win, points are rewarded and players qualify for the next rounds based on the points earned.
  • Swiss-Style: These tournaments match players based on their skill level and records.

How to Manage Bankroll and Responsible Gambling?

You must prioritize safe gambling and money management when playing Spades for real money online. Following are some of the useful suggestions and strategies:

  • Set Betting Limits: Stick to your budget and only bet the amount you can afford to spend on the game. 
  • Avoid Continuous Losses: In some cases, players lose all their money in Spade because of wrong bets. If you face a similar situation, take a break from gaming. During that time, learn better skills and strategies while saving some money for yourself. 
  • Maintain Balance: It is important to maintain a good balance between gaming and practical life. Betting sites could be an addiction leading to your bankruptcy so, make sure not to indulge in it maniacally. 

Promotions and Bonuses for Real Money Spades

Almost every Spades platform offers bonuses, rewards, and promotions to attract and retain players. 

  • Welcome bonus: It usually includes free currency or discounts for players who just joined the platform. Currently, VIP Spades provides daily rewards and welcome bonuses for newly joined players. Also, World Winner lets the new players play a match for free on their first deposit into the account. 
  • Loyalty bonus: Players using the platform for longer periods such as more than a year get to enjoy the perks of loyalty bonuses.
  • Referral bonus: These bonuses are when a new player registers on the platform using the referral link you shared with them. 

Safety and Security in Online Spades for Real Money

No matter what platform you choose, there will always be a constant fear of safety and security in your mind. This is because of the rising number of cybersecurity issues and the breaching of personal data online. That is why, we strictly advise only opting for the Spades online sites that are reputable, and reliable. 

One way to tell if the website is trustworthy or not is by looking for the lock icon in the address bar. This represents that the website is encrypted. Checking for honest reviews about the website before sharing all of your information with it is also important. 

Speaking of fairness in the game, reliable websites use random number generator techniques. These techniques are responsible for shuffling the cards and assigning to the players with them randomly without any specific patterns. 


How Many Spades Are in a Deck of Cards?

There are 13 Spades out of 52 cards in a regular deck. Spades has number cards from 2 to 10 along with four face cards including a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace card. 

Can I Play Spades Online For Real Money?

Yes, you can. In fact, most of the users choose online platforms to play Spades and earn real money. Just make sure to choose the right platform and don’t fall for scam sites. 

What Does Pay in Spades Mean?

“Pay in Spades” is an idiomatic expression that represents situations where individuals earn hefty rewards or substantial consequences for their actions. 


Engaging in online Spades can bring about a captivating and enjoyable experience. It offers you the chance to not only enhance your skills but also earn some monetary rewards while competing with other players. 

Multiple online platforms offer a diverse range of competitions for you to partake in and deem enjoyable. Additionally. Certain platforms even provide cash prizes as a token of appreciation for your efforts. 

However, it is crucial to approach this pastime with caution and avoid becoming overly attached. It is wise to maintain awareness of both your financial expenditures and the time you devote to this activity.

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