Survey World Legitimate Or Not? Here’s What You Need To Know

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If you’re looking for a simple and fun way to earn some extra cash online, you might have heard of Surveyworld. But is survey world legitimate or a scam? Survey world is legitimate. But how much can you really earn from this website?

This website claims to pay you for sharing your opinions and taking various surveys. In this review, I will show you how Surveyworld works, what it offers, and what you can expect from it.

So, if you’re curious about Surveyworld and want to know if it’s worth your time and effort, keep reading!

Is Survey World Legit Or Scam?

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Well, the truth is that Surveyworld is not a scam, but it’s also not a great way to make money online. 

That’s because Surveyworld is not a survey site itself but a portal that links you to other survey sites. This means that you don’t get paid by Surveyworld but by the survey panels that you join through it. 

And this can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you have to sign up for multiple panels and keep track of your earnings. 

Plus, there are better and more popular survey sites out there that you can use directly without going through Surveyworld. 

So, I don’t recommend using Surveyworld as a way to make money online. Instead, check out some of the best survey sites that we have reviewed and tested for you.

What Is Survey World?

Surveyworld is a website that helps you find paid surveys and research projects from different sources. It started in the Netherlands in 2017 and is run by e-Bron Marketing.

Survey World does not create its own surveys but rather acts as a survey aggregator. This means it shows you surveys from other websites that you can join and get rewarded.

Survey World works with more than 200 survey partners and covers more than 70 countries. So, when you sign up for Surveyworld, you can access surveys from various websites and earn money or vouchers for your opinions.

Who Can Use Survey World?

You can try SurveyWorld in many places. They say it works in over 70 countries now. But they don’t say which ones. 

How Survey World Works

Here’s a guide on how to navigate through Surveyworld.

How To Sign Up For Surveyworld?

The survey world is a bit of a mess, honestly. It doesn’t tell you how to sign up or what to do on the site. It’s weird that there’s no sign-up button for SurveyWorld.

You need an invite link from them to create an account and access the surveys. How do you get one? Well, there are two ways.

One way is to look for their ads on Facebook. They run ads from time to time, and if you click on them, you’ll be taken to a signup page where you can enter your email and start doing surveys.

Another way is to email them directly at and ask for an invite link. They might take some time to reply, but they usually send one if you’re polite and interested.

How To Get Surveys In Surveyworld?

To use Survey World, you have to answer some questions on their landing page, which you might see as an ad on Facebook or elsewhere. Based on your answers, they will give you a link to another site where you can join and take surveys or do other tasks to earn money or rewards.

Some of the sites they link to are OpinionWorld, Toluna, and Swagbucks. 

These are all legit and trustworthy survey sites, so you don’t have to worry about scams. However, you should know that Survey World is not affiliated with them and does not have any control over their policies or offers.

Survey World is just a middleman that connects you with other survey sites. It’s up to you to decide if you want to use their service or not.

Types Of Rewards Offered In Survey World

The survey world is just a middleman. They don’t pay you directly. And similarly, you get rewarded by the survey panels if they offer any reward program.

Main Feature Of Survey World

Based on my research, some of the features of Survey World are:

  • Free to join: You don’t have to pay anything to sign up for Survey World or access the survey opportunities it offers.
  • Multiple countries: Survey World claims to be available in over 70 countries around the world, so you can find surveys that are relevant to your location and language.
  • Multiple survey providers: Survey World works with over 200 survey panels and research companies, so you can find a variety of surveys on different topics and industries.
  • No rewards system: Survey World does not have its own rewards system or points. Instead, you get paid by the survey sites you complete surveys for, according to their own terms and conditions.

Pros And Cons Of Survey World

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Survey World: 


  • You can get help from their support team if you have any issues.
  • You can trust the survey sites they recommend as they are verified and legit.
  • You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to join Survey World.


  • You can’t make money directly from Survey World, only from the survey sites they link to.
  • You don’t know much about the people behind Survey World or their goals and may wonder if is survey world a legitimate company.
  • You may have trouble signing up for Survey World as there is no clear registration form.

User Reviews And Ratings 

I searched what other users are thinking of this site. Look at some of them.

  • Trustpilot review rating: 2.4

Good User Reviews

Amelia shared, “​​Yes, you can make money from SurveyWorld I have also used this Survey App. But I am busy with my job, so I don’t use it anymore. But when I used to take surveys, I used to earn up to $10 a day. You will not be able to earn more than this. Yes, you can also use more survey apps so that you can earn more money.”

Bad User Reviews With Links

Kat says, “Too many paid advertisements on Instagram. Is it a real reliable site? My feeling is just collecting all your personal info.”

Preston says, “Signed up and overnight received dozens and dozens of spam emails from numerous companies. This site collects your Info to sell to other companies. You never actually get any products to test. FB should not advertise this service.” 

Tips And Trick To Earn More In Survey World

While using survey panels, follow these tips to get paid consistently.

  • Sign up for multiple survey sites
  • Complete your profile and demographic information
  • Check your email regularly for new invitations
  • Be honest and consistent in your answers
  • Redeem your rewards as soon as possible

Survey world Alternatives

If you are looking for some alternatives to Survey World, you may want to try some of these reputable and rewarding survey sites.

Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie  is a popular survey site that aggregates surveys from other sites and pays you points that you can redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards. You can also earn points for completing your profile and referring friends. 


Swagbucks  is a versatile microtask site that lets you earn money for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, scanning receipts, and more. You can redeem your points for money, vouchers, or prize draws. 

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is a well-known market research site that focuses solely on offering surveys on various topics and industries. You can earn points for every survey you complete and exchange them for PayPal payments, gift cards, or charity donations. 

Here is a comprehensive comparison table to compare these survey platforms:

PlatformProsConsEarning Potential
Survey Junkie– Easy to use and navigate
– High-quality surveys
– Instant rewards via PayPal or gift cards
– Limited to surveys only
– Low minimum payout of $10
– May not qualify for some surveys
– $0.25 to $3 per survey on average
– $1 to $3 per hour
Swagbucks– Versatile platform with multiple ways to earn
– Generous referral program
– Free $5 sign-up bonus
– Low pay rate for some tasks
– High minimum payout of $25 for some rewards
– May not qualify for some surveys
– $0.40 to $2 per survey on average
– $0.50 to $2 per hour
Ipsos i-Say– Reliable and reputable company
– Loyalty program and sweepstakes
– Variety of rewards options
– Limited to surveys only
– Low pay rate for some surveys
– Possible technical issues
– $0.25 to $0.75 per survey on average
– $0.05 for disqualification
– $0.50 to $1.50 per hour
Survey world– Simple and straightforward website
– Access to multiple survey panels
– No minimum payout threshold
– No direct payment option
– Only available in certain countries
– May receive spam emails from third parties
– Varies depending on the survey panel
Note: The data above may change with websites update. Please check the official website for the latest information.


How Do You Become A Member Of Survey World?

On the website, there is no option to sign up or register. To gain access to a sign-up page, you can first get in touch with them and complete some questionnaires.

What Type Of Survey Will You Receive?

Survey World says different surveys have different numbers of questions. They want to make surveys short, but they also want good results.

Most surveys take about 10 to 15 minutes to finish. The survey might change depending on the website, the money, and the deadline.

Why Are Surveys Conducted?

Surveys ask people what they think about products and services. Survey World says this helps organizations make them better and more suitable. They want to hear the truth from customers and citizens. Some surveys pay people for being honest.

Is Surveyworld Worth It?

It won’t make you rich fast, but it can add some extra cash to your pocket. All you need is a few minutes a day to answer some questions and earn rewards.

How Can I Contact Surveyworld Support?

You can talk to them on Facebook or email them at

How Does Surveyworld Pay?

Survey World doesn’t pay you. You don’t do surveys here. You do them on other sites that Survey World shows you. Those sites will pay you.


Let’s get this straight. Is Survey us a Legitimate Company? Yes. Is Surveyworld worth it? No. This site doesn’t offer any reward for the extra steps they require. 

So, I don’t find it appealing or recommendable either. The only positive side is that you get to find legitimate survey panels in a single place. So, the decision is up to you now. Do you think the additional hassle is worth it?

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