Transfer Visa Gift Card Balance to PayPal: A Comprehensive Guide

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In today’s digital age, online platforms like PayPal have become the norm. By transferring the balance from your Visa gift card to PayPal account, you can enjoy all the benefits a gift card offers. 

In this guide, we explore the steps to send funds from your gift card to your PayPal account, the benefits of doing so, and tips to ensure a hassle-free transfer!

Understanding Visa Gift Cards and PayPal

Before we explain the process of transferring your funds, it is crucial to understand how Visa gift cards and PayPal works. 

Visa Gift Cards 

Visa Gift Cards have accumulated much fame due to their versatility. These gift cards are non-reloadable prepaid cards and work exactly like debit cards. The buyer of the gift card determines the initial amount loaded in a Visa gift card. 

Once you activate your Visa gift card, you can use it to shop online, purchase groceries or make in-store purchases at any store that accepts Visa debit or credit cards. 

While these gift cards allow users to make purchases without carrying cash around, many users have reported that their transactions often get declined when they try to purchase an item that costs more than the available balance on a gift card. 


The Mercator Advisory Group estimates that $3 billion in gift cards go unused yearly. Therefore, it’s best to transfer the balance on your gift card to a service like PayPal to ensure that your funds do not go to waste. Transferring funds from your gift card to your PayPal account is a great option because it allows users to access and use their funds conveniently. 

Many users turn to PayPal due to its range of options to use the available balance. Thousands of users worldwide trust this online platform. PayPal is the optimum platform to send and receive funds because of its fraud protection services. 

The platform allows you to transfer money to your friends and family without paying an additional fee and is compatible with E-commerce platforms and online stores.

Should you transfer your Visa Gift Card Balance to PayPal?

Visa gift cards are great gifts but have an expiry and can’t be transferred directly to a bank. However, you can use PayPal for this purpose. Here’s why:

  • Many retailers don’t accept pre-paid cards, but transferring your balance to PayPal lets you shop with them.
  • Using PayPal is safer, more flexible, and consolidates your funds in one place.
  • Instead of toggling between apps, use PayPal, accepted by global online retailers.
  • You can move your balance to a bank via PayPal, which acts as an intermediary between the bank and the Visa gift card.
  • Understand PayPal’s policies: they have limitations for gift card transfers. For instance, cards not issued in the U.S. might face issues. Sometimes, registering your billing address with the card issuer is necessary. Note, only Vanilla Visa Gift Cards can be transferred to PayPal.

Methods to Transfer Visa Gift Card Balance to PayPal

If you wish to use the funds in your pre-paid Visa Gift Card without the hassle of carrying it with you, follow the steps below to transfer the funds to your PayPal account. 

In this section, we cover two different ways to use your Visa gift card funds efficiently. 

Method 1: Linking Gift Card to PayPal

Before you transfer your balance, you must link your Visa Gift Card to your PayPal account. Fortunately, the process is quite straightforward. Here are the steps you should follow to link your gift card to a PayPal account:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account. You can do this via PayPal mobile application or the website. 
  2. Go to the PayPal Wallet section.
  3. At the top of your screen, click Add Banks and Cards.
  4. Choose a Debit or Credit Card.
  5. To link your Visa Gift Card to your PayPal account, you will have to input your card details manually. Enter your card number, the card’s expiration date, and the CVV code. 
  6. Once you have linked your Visa Gift Card to your PayPal account, click the Transfer Money button. 
  7. Enter the amount you wish to transfer from your gift card to your PayPal account. 

Note: There’s a fee associated with transferring funds from your gift card to your PayPal account. Generally, the fee is around $0.50. Additionally, transaction limits may be imposed when you are transferring funds. This limit varies depending on the following factors:

  • The Amount in Your Gift Card
  • PayPal’s Account Status (Verified/Unverified)
  • The Card Issuer’s Terms and Conditions

Method 2: Transfer Visa gift card balance to bank account via PayPal

Once you have managed to link your Visa Gift Card to your PayPal, transferring the balance to your bank account becomes simple. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Connect your bank account to your PayPal account. You may do this by using your local bank’s routing and account numbers or by accessing your bank’s online platform. 
  2. Follow the steps mentioned in Method 1 to transfer your desired amount from your gift card to your PayPal. 
  3. Click on Transfer Money.
  4. Tap Transfer Money to Your Bank and select your bank account.

Note: It may take up to three business days for the funds to appear in your local bank account. However, you can pay a small fee if you require the funds immediately. 

Tips and Precautions to Ensure a Smooth Transfer

To ensure a hassle-free transfer, we recommend following these precautions and tips discussed below:

  • Avoid public Wifi for fund transfers due to security risks; use a VPN or private network instead.
  • Check your Visa gift card’s balance before transferring.
  • Confirm the card’s expiration date to utilize funds before they expire.
  • Be aware of your PayPal account’s monthly limit to prevent suspension.
  • For transfer issues, contact the card issuer for help.


Can you transfer Visa gift card money to PayPal?

Yes! You can transfer funds from your Visa Gift Card to your PayPal account. We recommend doing so as PayPal offers a secure and convenient way to receive and send funds and is compatible with thousands of retailers worldwide. 

Are there any fees associated with this transfer?

The answer to this question depends on the type of gift card you are using. Usually, there is a small fee associated with this transfer. Unless you need the funds instantly, transferring your gift card balance to your local bank account via PayPal requires no fee. 

How long does the transfer process take?

Transferring money from a pre-paid Visa gift card to your PayPal account can take up to three business days. If the funds do not appear in your PayPal account after three business days, you must contact PayPal’s customer support.

Can I transfer partial amounts from my Visa Gift Card to PayPal?

Yes! Fortunately, you can transfer partial amounts from your Visa Gift Card to PayPal. Simply enter your desired account during the transfer process.

Can I link all Visa Gift Cards to PayPal?

No, you can only link Vanilla Visa Gift cards to PayPal. Therefore, you can not transfer the funds in any other pre-paid gift card to PayPal.

The Bottom Line

Transferring your Visa gift card balance to your PayPal account can open the door for multiple benefits. You can access all your funds in a single application and enjoy the convenience of using PayPal for all your online transactions. 

After following the steps we mentioned in this article, you can transfer the funds in your gift card to your PayPal and enjoy seamless online transactions! 

With the right approach, you can make the most of your Visa gift card and leverage the great features that PayPal offers to enhance your online payment experience.

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