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What is Venmo Groups account?

With the rise of the digital revolution, payments have become easy and quick thanks to peer-to-peer payment apps. One of these payment apps, Venmo has been extremely popular since its launch because of its seamless transactions and groups feature. 

Financial collaboration was never an easy thing in the digital world before Venmo Group Accounts revolutionized the way people managed and shared expenses among themselves. 

Today, in this article, we will cover everything about Venmo group accounts. We will guide you on:

So, let’s get started.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a smartphone app, available on both iPhone and Android, that allows users to transfer and receive money from other Venmo accounts for free. It was founded in 2009 and has been owned by PayPal since 2013. Peer-to-Peer transfers on Venmo are free. 

However, some other Venmo services charge a fee, such as payments using a credit card. Other costs also apply when sending money quickly from Venmo to a bank and depositing checks.

Overall, service remains free. It can be used to pay partner merchants, which are in millions, for free. The only requirement to use Venmo is that you must be 18 years old or older.

In 2015, Venmo launched its groups feature. The initial concept behind this functionality was to allow users to create Venmo group accounts for their organization or club, allowing collective payments to be made. The main purpose behind this was to connect everyone in the world of digital payments. 

What are Venmo Groups? 

Venmo Groups is an app feature that allows users to create shared accounts for managing expenses and transactions within a specific number of people. Now this group can be between your roommates, your office colleagues, or your siblings. It’s all on you with whom you want to make a group. 

Each Venmo Group has a ‘Group Owner,’ who is usually the person who creates the group. The Group Owner can also add and remove other members. They also hold the authority to add and remove payment methods, oversee all the transactions, and check the group’s transaction history. Normal members of the groups have the ability to send and receive money to and from the group.

The main purpose of the group is to enable sharing of financial activities of stakeholders. Before Venmo introduced groups in 2015, they had the feature of splitting bills that enabled Venmo users to divide payments.  But the group is the one move that gave Venmo a competitive advantage over its rivals at that time. 

Some of the features that Venmo Groups bring to the table are:

  • It allows people to create a common money pool where everyone can put money for a shared purpose like buying something or donating the money to an organization.
  • It allows the owner and managers to track each transaction made in the group to keep a check on spending. 
  • Each group member can request money from the other members at the time of use with the rest of the members as witnesses. 
  • Venmo groups also give extensive privacy controls. The owner can view each transaction and change visibility settings for other members of the group. 
  • Through group features, Venmo has really enabled financial collaborations and changed the way we share, send, and receive money.

How to Create a Venmo Group Account?

Let’s explore how to create a Venmo Group Account and also learn about Venmo group sign-in. Below are the steps that you should follow:

  • Download the Venmo app from your Playstore or Appstore. On Windows, you have to visit the Venmo website.
  • After you have installed the app, open the app and tap on the sign-up option. You can sign-up by using your Facebook account or your e-mail address. 
  • On PC, the sign-up option is on the left side of your window. 


When using e-mail to sign-up, you have to enter all the details manually such as your address, etc. Enter your phone number and password. You will receive a code from Venmo, enter that code in the Venmo app to complete the verification process.


If you click on Facebook, a new page will open up for you to log in to your Facebook account. Once you have logged in, you will be required to complete the same verification process using your phone number. 

  • Once the setup is complete, you will be required to add your card info or bank details for transactions between the app and the bank.
  • Now, after completing the above-mentioned steps, tap on the three lines in the left corner. 
  • Scroll down and look for “Create a Group Option”. 
  • Add all the required information and choose a name that compliments your group’s purpose. You may want to take advice from other members of the group. 

You can also add a description for your group to make things clear about the purpose of your group. 

If you want to change your group name, you can do this anytime by clicking on those three lines and navigating to your group. Just click edit and change what you want. 

  • Once the name is finalized, add members to your newly created Venmo group, search for desired Venmo users through their names, and simply add them. You can add more than one member at once. 

As the owner of the group,  you have the ultimate access. So, you can modify the permissions of the members of your group. It is on you how much access you are willing to give them. You can also make some other member a manager of the group. 

Managers also have access to add or remove members and approve transactions. The remaining members will be normal users who can send and receive money but do not have any authoritative access. 

When establishing a Venmo group, it is important for you to gain the confidence of all the members. You must establish the norms of the group and stick to the original purpose of the group. 

How to Log Into Your Venmo Group Account?

If you have already set up your account and group on Venmo, you can easily log in and access information via:

Web Browser

To log into your Venmo group account, do the following:

  • Go to the web browser of your PC or tablet. 
  • Navigate to Venmo’s site.  
  • Enter your credentials such as mail and password. 
  • That’s all, you are logged in.


Previously, you could access your group account by entering your username and password in the app and then, going to your group directly. However, you cannot access or manage your Venmo group using the Venmo phone app now. According to the firm, you can only access Venmo group accounts on a tablet or desktop browser because it provides the perfect user experience.

How to Manage Venmo Group Ownership?

The Group Owner and Group Managers are the only ones to have access to the Group’s accounts and can make payments on their behalf. Venmo users who are not members of the group cannot access the Group’s accounts, but they can transact with the Group just like any other Venmo user.

The group owner is held accountable for all the activities of the group. If a payment issue arises, the group owner must solve it. He/she is also able to transfer group ownership. To transfer ownership, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the group account.
  • From your group, select the people option and then click on the leave the group option.
  • Before leaving the group, you will have to transfer ownership. 
  • For this, you will be prompted to enter the information of the new group owner. 
  • Add the required information and click proceed. 

Since you are transferring ownership, it is your responsibility to ensure that the new owner does not mess things up. The new owner must have the following qualities:

  • Must be aware of all the financial obligations and have good communication skills.
  • Must be trustworthy. 
  • Must respond actively to all the issues in the group. 
  • Must have the technical proficiency to navigate through Venmo and its functions fluently.

What are Venmo Group Account Limits and Restrictions?

Venmo has set limits and restrictions for every individual and group account to keep a balance. It also helps to track any fraudulent activities. Similarly, groups also have an account limit to keep control. This limit is the same as the account limit of the Group owner. This means that every group has a spending limit of 4,999.00 US Dollars per week. 

For Venmo users, group activity does affect their individual accounts. For example, a transaction in the group would automatically impact the individual limits of a Venmo user. 

Now to prevent your group from reaching transaction limits, here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure you keep checking limits on a daily basis. This will definitely allow you to plan your upcoming transaction.
  • Plan beforehand. Communicate with others and make a plan of transactions for every member so that the group never reaches its limits and only useful transactions are processed.
  • Still over your transaction limits? Well, you do not have any choice now. Just use other transaction methods until the limit resets. 

What are the Responsibilities of Venmo Group Members?

Group Owners

They can:

  • Add or remove people. 
  • Make someone a group manager.
  • Approve or reject a transaction request.
  • Oversee the limits of the group and make sure no useless transaction takes place.
  • Address and resolve any issue that arises during payments.

Group Managers 

They can:

  • Help the owner in managing the group.
  • Add or remove members from the group.
  • Monitor all the transactions and work to resolve any disputes or irregularities.

Group Members

They can:

  • Share or send money.
  • Request funds from other members as per their requirements.
  • Contribute to the money being collected for some purpose like a trip or a party. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you make a Venmo Group?

Yes, you can make a Venmo group if you have a Venmo account. It is a straightforward process, and you just have to put in the required information and add other Venmo users as members of the group. 

How do I signup for a Venmo Group?

To sign up for a Venmo group, go to their website or app. Create an account using your e-mail or Facebook. After verification, just open Venmo, click on the three lines on the menu, navigate to the group’s section, and create one. To create a group, just put the group name there and add group members. 

What are the privileges of logging in?

The benefits of logging in to Venmo groups are that you can easily manage group activities as the group owner. You can add or remove members and monitor the transaction limits of the group so that you do not overspend.


The group’s feature on Venmo has really promoted financial collaborations. Sharing money between a number of people has become very convenient thanks to Venmo. The creation process is very similar. You have group owners and managers to look after the group and monitor all the transactions. 

Given the benefits and control using a Venmo group account has various advantages. The sign-up is really quick and the groups feature may very well solve your problems of transferring and receiving money from multiple people. Also, the ease of payments and financial collaboration can benefit all one way or another. 

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